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Empowering Women

Through Wellness

We will guide you along your journey through wellness. Our comprehensive wellness programs allow you to become empowered and in control of your health.

Empower Yourself Amidst America’s Healthcare Crisis

In 2017 almost half of the nation was obese. America is in a healthcare crisis and it’s time we empower ourselves so we can regain our health. The misinformation we’ve been given is not only limited to our general health but women’s health as well.

Dr. Amy Bruner: A Leading Expert in Women’s Health

With over 20 years of clinical experience, Amy Bruner, MD, is a board-certified gynecologist practicing in Portland, Oregon. She offers a combination of expert medical care and personalized attention to patients. She takes time to listen to her patients and develop relationships with them to support improved health and well-being.


Free Webinar: Empowering Women

Through Wellness

Join Dr. Bruner as she unveils the path to empowerment through health and wellness. We promise to give you an eye opening presentation that will answer your most urgent health questions.
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Portland, Oregon Wellness

Begin Your Journey Towards Wellness

The first step on any journey is always the most difficult. That’s why we make it as simple as possible to get started. After watching our free webinar, we will reach out to you and guide you every step of the way. So many people have changed theirs and their family’s life by simply clicking on our “Free Webinar” button. Take the first step now and click on the button below.

We make it simple to get started on your journey to wellness.

Sometimes, the first step is the most difficult. That's why we make it simple to get started with Dr. Bruner. We are offering an impactful wellness webinar and a free 15 minute discovery call after watching the webinar. Read how easy it is to start today with our three step process below.

1. Watch Our Free Webinar

Sign up for our free webinar and learn how to empower your health through functional medicine.

2. Schedule a One on One Consultation

Upon watching our webinar, we will give you a free 15 minute discovery call with Dr. Bruner.

3. Begin Your Empowering Journey Towards Wellness

Dr. Bruner will create a personalized plan to ensure you have an impactful journey towards wellness.

Achieve your goals easier than ever before. We offer a wide range of rewarding amenities which are all personalized specifically to your needs.

Functional Medicine

Catered to suit your lifestyle.

Wellness Programs

Custom programs built for you.

Hormone Balancing

Customized treatment protocols

Women’s Health

Catered to suit your lifestyle.


To match the inside to the out

“Dr. Amy was the first provider I have seen that actually listened and looked at my lab work. She is obviously an expert in her Field. I'm looking forward to my treatment and more energy!”

Suzane McLain

“She’s a great listener and takes as much time as you need to get your concerns resolved. She has always been there for me for late night emergencies as well. Most importantly my health improves with her! She’s awesome!”

Brynn Gomez
Dr. Amy Bruner M.D.

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