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Dr. Amy Bruner M.D.

Oregon's Leading Functional Medicine Gynecologist

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Our Mission

Empowering Women to Take Wellness into Their Own Hands

Dr. Bruner has spent the past few years educating the public on health and wellness. She is offering a free webinar to anyone who would like to take health into their own hands and start empower themselves to be a healthier, more productive person. Click the button below to get started today and receive a free 15 minute discovery call from Dr. Bruner.

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Dr. Amy Bruner M.D.

Portland, Oregon's Leading Medical Practitioner Specializing in Women's Health

With over 20 years of clinical experience, Amy Bruner, MD, is a board-certified gynecologist practicing in Portland, Oregon. She offers a combination of expert medical care and personalized attention to patients. She takes time to listen to her patients and develop relationships with them to support improved health and well-being.


Free Webinar: Empowering Women

Through Wellness

Join Dr. Bruner as she unveils the path to empowerment through health and wellness. We promise to give you an eye opening presentation that will answer your most urgent health questions.
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Dr. Amy Bruner M.D.

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